5 Things I've changed

5 Things I've changed

June and July have been incredible, and I didn't think they would be. Summer time can bring a slower pace when it comes to self employed life. I can say with full integrity although work and business have been slow I've been thriving, and below is a list of things I've noticed helping.

1. Waking up early 

I've been getting up at around 6am, splashing cold water on my face, grabbing a cup of hot coffee and heading right outside onto my front porch. This small change up getting myself out of the bed sets my days onto a course for success. I spend time out there listening to music some morning, journaling, and reading. I'm a follower of Jesus so reading the Bible is important to me, so that's what I read most mornings.

2. Staying active 

I have seen moving my body a little everyday helps my mental health a ton. I go on walks, run on the elliptical, do some ab work. Nothing super intense, but a little bit everyday. 

3. Taking Breaks and changing work location

I will work for an hour in my office, go get a coffee in the kitchen then settle in the living room for a bit. And when I am willing to pay for a coffee I'll take myself to Starbucks. However, I will only stay for 3 hours at most. I've learned that being anywhere for longer than that, while working, so draining. This is key to my work ethic. 

4. Keeping my spaces clean

I can breath and think when my house is clean. This Summer I've been on my cleaning grind, and mainly it's for my mental clarity. For example going to bed with a clean kitchen then waking up to that clean kitchen, chef's kiss! This helps me feel so ready to be productive. 

5. Working with the motivation I have

If I am feeling super motivated to get a little laundry done, then I'll do that. Then If I'm feeling all this passion about getting to emails I'll get that done next. I jump around on my to do list a ton and it helps. I don't wanna feel forced to do things in one order. 

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