Free Cleaning Chart

Free Cleaning Chart

Cleaning can be so daunting but when there is a rhythm, it can fit right into your life.

I came up with this chart from modifying a method I discovered on Tik Tok. It's called the Fly lady method. If you're interested in learning more about that she has a website. This is basically the lazy version of that.


Here's the breakdown of this chart:


  1. Daily. This section is broken into morning, afternoon, and evening. Here's where you can put the things you clean on a daily basis.Free Cleaning Chart is helpful daily tasks
  2. Weekly. This section is also known as the weekly home blessing. The vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, dusting, and all that jazz. 
  3. Our home's hot spots. A hotspot is a place in your house that gets messy. The place everyone leaves their shoes, or the place you through all the clean clothes. You can write wherever you want when you'll clean.  Free Cleaning chart
  4. Monthly. This is a time to deep clean a part of the house. You can break that into your weekly cleaning if that's helpful. Just choose one zone.Free cleaning charts with monthly cleaning propmpts
  5. Zones. Here's where you can write what zones you want to rotate each month.

Here's the link to download this sheet and use it in your home, for free. I hope you enjoy.

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