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Open letter to my younger creative self

Dear Kelsey, 

As you get older you'll be tempted at times to get rid of the wonder you had when you were young. It'll happen as you approach the end of school. You'll hear of all the routes people are taking with their life and you'll be tempted to compare yourself. 

You aren't interested in college, and that is okay. I'm gonna say it again because for 4 years post High School you'll second guess this. You aren't interested in college... and that is okay. 

You are being responsible as you step into adult life even if you don't do it how others do. You are a hard worker. Not having a degree won't make you unqualified. You're plenty qualified for the life you truly want. 

Speaking of the life you want... It won't be as you expect it. It's better. You will be an illustrator surprisingly. Yes, you're still fueled by encouraging words and writing, but it really comes to life through your art. You're an artist. Isn't that wild?! And you love it. You actually draw most every day. And you live in your hometown, and love that. 

You're gonna be frustrated at times that you don't fit into one category in your career. It's okay. I promise you don't need to have your identity in what you do anyway. You'll become many things as you get older even a wife and mom. 

It's all gonna be better than you thought. When the guidance counselor tells you that you'll regret not having a senior year at High School she's wrong. You won't. 

You aren't a failure when you move back home at 23 years old to focus on growing a small business. You're gonna save so much money, and that's a wise choice. 

Also... you're going to face so much rejection along the way. It's gonna be okay. It's really just a part of life especially in art, business, and entrepreneurship. Don't take it personally no one is rejecting you as a person. 

You're also going to see so much success. People are going to connect with your words and art if you can believe it. They are going to buy your products, too. It's gonna be so fun for you to express yourself this way. 

But even through all the high highs you will have low lows. Sometimes you'll want to give it all up. Don't. It's worth it. And as much as you love art and career it isn't everything. Rest is so much more important than you think it is at 15, 17, or even 20. You aren't just what you can do for others. Even when you're just sitting on your front porch drinking coffee you're enough. 

Taking walks, praying, cooking dinner, listening to your husband's stories, feeling your baby kick, and calling your mom ... all that is more important than the creative journey is. Believe me. Prioritize it. 

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