You love the simpler things.

People mean the most to you. Making memories, raising kids, and chasing your dreams.

If that's you, you're in the right spot. 

My name is Kelsey Bush, and I'm the owner of Lighter Note Paper Goods. 

I'm a self taught illustrator and shop owner.

This all started when I was just 21, living in San Francisco, and working as a receptionist. No, I wasn't as cool as Pam from the Office. 

I have always been creative and brave but I was sort of the last one to know it. At 8-years-old I began acting in community theater. Then, from 17 to 20-something I was writing fiction and some about my real life. 

In 2018, I began yet another blog, but this time I started sharing illustrations to go with the words and I shared it on Instagram under the handle, @lighternote

I started a brand without realizing it.

I was sharing little bite sized encouragement. Things I desperately needed to hear coped up in my small bedroom in the city... lonely... somewhat direction-less. I wrote things like...

"Hey, You're doing better than you think."

"Fear is a little punk. Don't let it steal your lunch money."

"Maybe it's not about everyone liking you"

"No Rush"

And boy did everyone else need to hear this, too!

It caught on fast. Hundreds of post shares later, and I started making products.

Today Lighter Note is the same brand, just a little more established.

It's also a Stationery Shop in Anderson, South Carolina. We carry Lighter Note goods, as well as many other stationery brands.

I love living in Anderson. It's my home town and the place I'm most passionate about. I have a loving husband named Micah, and He has supported my small business since we first met. And now we're pregnant with our first baby boy!